~ Linguist, Writer, HSP ~


They say:


‘Home is where the heart is’


In the beginning we are all precious little diamonds. Living in the now. All we need is love and caring. Much depends on our childhood where we are today and how we feel. Life makes us to what we define ourselves to be today.


Let’s find back to our true self and make the best of our lives!


Love & Peace


~ Anne Wolter ~


This is my centre of mindfulness








Hey & welcome to my space!


My name is Anne. I am. A heart in motion. I allow my life to change to grow out of old patterns. I like people with unconventional lifestyles who think outside of the box.

My passion is writing, travelling, the great outdoors, psy-talk, singing and languages. I speak English, German, Finnish, Swedish, some French and a little Spanish. In my free time I love being in nature. I enjoy the simple lifestyle like sitting by a campfire in the middle of nowhere.




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